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Sixteen days after the Jean-Paul Sofia public inquiry report was published, MPs on the government’s Parliamentary benches used their majority to defeat the Opposition’s attempt to move a motion of no confidence in three key ministers who were directly responsible for the failures highlighted by the public inquiry report.

Prime minister Robert Abela and his Cabinet have refused to hold themselves accountable, choosing instead to remove key officials who were named and shamed by the public inquiry board while failing to address the fact that the buck stops at their own policy-making.

In light of the government’s track record of failure in terms of the implementation of the recommendations outlined by the Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry board, I recognised that the publication of yet another crucial public inquiry report was an opportunity to study the key issues that are present within the lawless industry that cost Jean-Paul Sofia his life and examine the extent of the government’s role in this tragedy.

This website was set up with the intent of fighting for accountability, transparency, and a fairer and freer society. With that focus in mind, it is clear that we must not allow the government to get away with more messy, loophole-ridden laws that make a mockery of what is being recommended and spit in the face of good governance. More specifically, we must not allow the government to whitewash its responsibility in the grave failures uncovered by these inquiries and we must insist on holding them accountable at whatever cost.

In the hopes of using the limited means at my disposal to further this stated objective, I am publishing an infographic guide that is meant to serve as an easy, concise introduction to the 484 page report that was published by the public inquiry board.

The infographics in the guide were also previously published in separate posts on The Critical Angle project’s Facebook page.

This is also this website’s way of paying a humble tribute to the bravery and tenacity of Isabelle Bonnici, who lit up a whole country with her determined pursuit of justice for her son. You have served as a source of inspiration and courage to us all, and we should all be grateful for the sacrifices you were forced to make to ensure that justice is indeed served.

It is up to all of us to see the rest of it through.

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