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Originally conceived in a fit of righteous anger at the Degiorgio brothers’ desperate squirming in court in early November of last year, this project aims to conclusively tear through the disinformation, denials, and outright lies that we’ve had to contend with over the last decade.

When the Degiorgio brothers had the audacity to file a court appeal demanding a retrial just over two weeks after pleading guilty to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, one particularly sickening thought followed: the people who are responsible for her murder have obfuscated the narrative so well, they’re practically this close to getting away with it.

The Critical Angle Project aims to be the solution to that scenario by providing an open resource that directly challenges this process of obfuscation: a highly detailed visual timeline which chronologically documents what really happened, free of all the counter-narratives that muddied the waters as events unfolded.

Julian Delia is a Maltese journalist who started his career at the Times of Malta in 2020 before moving on to The Shift News the following year. In 2022, Julian began working as a freelance journalist.

His portfolio consists mainly of articles about organised crime and corruption, politics, the environment, and migration. Besides the articles which he published with the Times and The Shift, Julian’s written work was also featured on Lovin Malta, Politico Europe, REFLEKT, and Das Magazin.

He has also been an active participant in the local civil society scene since the Panama Papers scandal hit the headlines in 2016.