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I am beyond pleased to announce that the first part of our investigation, ‘Particulate Matters’, is out now on Lovin Malta, REFLEKT, and Das Magazin. These are the links through which you can access these stories directly:

Revealed: Open-Source Data Shows Increase In Palumbo Shipyard Traffic After Rushed, Secretive Merger With MSC Cruises

Shipyard Owners Talk Up Commitment To Environment, Environment Ministry Goes Silent: Here’s How The Authorities Responded To Our Questions (Lovin Malta)

Cruise ships in the backyard (REFLEKT, Das Magazin)

More articles will be published in this investigative series at a later date.

This investigation was carried out by myself and my brilliant colleagues on this project – photojournalist Joanna Demarco, co-founder of REFLEKT Christian Zeier, and one of the members of REFLEKT’s editorial team, Anina Ritscher.

This project was funded by, with additional research funding obtained from the Active Citizens’ Fund as administered through SOS Malta.

On a personal note, I am happy to remark that I couldn’t be prouder of what we achieved when considering that this was the first fund I ever applied for in my career as a freelance journalist. Our team was one out of a final selection of 15 teams of journalists (39 journalists/media outlets in total) from across the globe, which is no small feat considering the extensive list of amazing investigations which Journalism Fund has supported throughout the years.

This investigation is testament to what a small team of committed, talented journalists can do when granted the resources that are required to hold power accountable, and I am grateful to everyone who contributed to it in their own way.

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